What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

A great life coach can help you find the fulfillment in your life that you’ve been looking for, whether personal or professional, by helping you tap into your own internal guidance and mental potential.

Life coaches focus on your present and future capabilities, not the past, by providing tools and techniques to shift your focus and thoughts in extremely powerful ways, by keeping you accountable to your goals with regular check-ins, and by inspiring and motivating you to do more – to go BIG.

What one person needs to make forward progress is not the same as what someone else needs.

The key to a great life coach is one who listens with full attention to hear and comprehend, rather than bringing a prefabricated agenda to the table.

How Does it Work?

The work between a life coach and client is an inspiring and creative process that encourages the client to maximize personal and/or professional potential.

It’s designed to assist the creation and development of the client’s personal, professional and/or business goals through tapping into the client’s own internal guidance and wisdom, and, as is usually appropriate, to help develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving those goals.

What’s the Role of a Coach?

The purpose of a coach is not to provide answers or tell you what to do. Frankly that’s just insulting. Having someone simply dishing out advice doesn’t serve you in the long run. You can’t become self-sufficient if you don’t learn how to trust your own guidance and strengthen your own voice.

As your coach, I will use questions, observations, conceptual frameworks, and direct communication to support you in deepening your self-discovery, continued learning, and forward your progress toward your goals.

My Mission to Enjoy the Ride:

I believe in getting the most out of life, and being happy and fulfilled while doing it.

My purpose on this planet is to inspire and motivate others to get the most out of life too, and to align their life with who they uniquely are.

Run toward what lights you up and brings you joy. Feed your purpose on this earth whatever it might be, care for it, and put your energy toward it as much as you can.

The residual effects of doing things that inspire us and bring meaning to our lives are like a ripple effect, bringing energy and vibrancy to everyone we encounter and all aspects of our lives.

Do more of what makes you uniquely you, and focus less on things that feel forced and resistant to your inherent self. There is no one else on this planet exactly like you, and that is truly amazing.