Welcome to Episode 15 of F*ck Like a Woman. Today we’ve got a sexy story for you about a young personal trainer and his boss having sex at the gym, where he learns exactly how to please this older woman.


Nate had just graduated from high school the summer before he started working at Macho Man’s Gym. It was the only workout facility his small town of 3,000 people had to offer, and Nate would soon became the face of it. Macho Man’s was the kind of the place where locals went to hang out for hours at a time since there wasn’t much to do around town. And because of that, it attracted not only hot bodies, but sex, too.

Nate had the kind of presence that was strong, serious, and silent, which drove the ladies fucking crazy. He was mysterious and yet perfectly humble, never hitting on girls who were clearly into him. Nate was the guy who had no idea how sexy he actually was. In fact, he had been training in his school’s gym for a few years and had developed a fisique enviable to most bodybuilders, which is why he was even more lust-worthy when he didn’t wear the typical string tanks that other bulky guys wore. Girls and women alike enjoyed imagining what was underneath his clothes, seeing his muscular body peaking out from his shirt. But Nate grew up in a very religious home where humility, austerity, and minimalism were held in very high regard. And because of that, he never really noticed how many women lusted after him.

The very first day Nate walked into Macho Man’s gym to start his membership, he looked up and his heart stopped for a moment as his eyes landed on an aerobics instructor striding across the floor in a skin tight blue leotard. Her name was Candy. She was more than 10 years older than Nate, and had a magnetism about her that his heart couldn’t deny. As alluring as the outfit on her tight, perfectly toned form was, it was nothing compared to how fast his heart raced when he looked into her soft, brown eyes for the first time. He was overwhelmed by how much confidence and power resided within her eyes, looking right back at him, seeming to possess a quiet authority he found himself shying away from.

After that first initiation with his new crush, he was in the gym every day, sometimes twice, toning his delicious body underneath his sweats. Over time, he learned Candy’s name, that she was in her 30s and managed the gym, and to his delight, exactly how many different leotards she had for teaching aerobics class. His favorite leotard was a white one that his eyes and shorts often strained to see through. Her curvy body bending over and stretching was almost too much to bear some days.

Soon, he applied for a job at Macho Man’s Gym, and shortly after was scheduled for an interview with this intimidating and sexy goddess. He was nervous, but somehow made it through without tossing her on the table and ripping off her leotard.

Not long after getting hired, Kevin, a friend from the gym, took Nate out for drinks at a bar. Nate was still underage, but looked much older so he didn’t get carded. Unbeknownst to Nate, Kevin was actually having a fling with Nate’s coworker, Stacy. So when Stacy and Candy walked through the door, Nate was completely caught off guard. He was nervous, not only was she smoking hot, but she was his boss, and he wasn’t sure how to interact outside of the gym. When Stacy and Candy went to the bar for more drinks, Kevin filled him in on all the details- that Stacy was breaking it off with her boyfriend to be with Kevin, but he hadn’t told anyone except Nate so he had to keep it quiet, and that Candy had about a dozen guys trying to date her at the gym.

After a few more drinks, they all went back to Kevin’s place to keep the night going. Before long, Kevin and Stacy disappeared into another room leaving Nate and Candy alone in the master bedroom. The excited energy between them was piercing through their timid flirting, and the sexual tension was mounting. Candy touched his arm playfully as they joked back and forth, and Nate got a surge of lust when he looked into her eyes, and he was overcome by his primal desire for her. Months of watching her full breasts bounce as she taught step aerobics, of watching her long muscular legs and tight ass flexing and swaying as she climbed the stairs to the exercise floor, and finally all the increasing desire exploded inside of him as he rolled her onto the bed, straddling and passionately kissing her, their tongues finding each other. Her hands slowly glided over his body, firmly grabbing his ass and slowly moving closer toward the front of his pants. But to their disappointment, they were soon interrupted by Stacy needing to leave. Nate’s hard dick was throbbing, thinking about what almost happened. He had to relieve himself a few times in the shower after she left, wishing it was Candy stroking his hard, wet, cock.

A few nights later as he was closing up the gym, Nate realized he was finally alone with Candy. They walked upstairs to turn off the lights, knowing they were alone, and she shoved him up against the door, dropped to her knees and slid his pants down, freeing his quickly growing erection and took his dick all the way into her mouth, sucking and licking along the base, looking up at him to see how he liked it. She ripped his pants off from around his feet, then stood up to pull his shirt up over his sexy muscular chest before peeling down her bright red leotard, slowly freeing her soft, sumptuous breasts. She led him to the aerobics floor where she grabbed and kissed him, entangling their naked bodies together on the floor.

Emboldened with the powerful energy of this enticing older woman, Nate wanted all of her. Every inch was pure heaven, so soft and sweet, her skin smelled and tasted like candy, living up to her name. He’d never been so enraptured by a woman, a full-bodied, sensual, voluptuous goddess, not just a girl from his high school. Kissing down her neck, onto her breasts, he felt her nipples growing harder in his mouth, and then, down to her navel he traveled.

Stripping her leotard off her waste and down her legs, Nate 69’ed her as he straddled her hips. Starting at her inner thighs and kissing inward until his lips and his tongue found the delicate sensations of her warm, growing clit, his tongue slowly drifted down further between her lips, landing on her warm, wet pussy. She took him into her mouth and Nate was completely overcome with lust, desire, and emotions he’d never felt before. As he continued to caress her clit with his tongue, she began to moan louder and dig her fingernails into his back. As her pleasure mounted, her moans turned into screams, and finally, her body exploded into one massive orgasm, squeezing his cock inside her tightening pussy. Nate grew so excited feeling her throbbing climax, that he pulled out and came all over her round, sweaty breasts.

For Nate, the combination of pain, pleasure, and knowing what he was doing to this sexy, older woman, who was more experienced than him, was enough to make his whole body erupt. Knowing that he could make a woman like that experience pleasure to that degree left him on cloud 9. It was exciting and thrilling for young Nate to experiment with an older woman to see what she liked in bed, what made her wet, what made her body shake, and how much she loved being teased. And to his surprise, that relationship turned into more than just sex; it taught Nate the intricacies of a woman’s body and exactly how much pleasure and seduction could lead to so many full body orgasms with the instruction and guidance from a true sexual goddess.


Stay tuned for next week’s episode where I talk intimately with a man who became paralyzed from the waste down in a car accident, and how he’s navigated sex after such a huge life change. See you next week.