In today’s erotic short story, Brian, a geeky nerd who doesn’t have an active social life, finds a sexy, digital reality game, and meets a woman named Jane who is drop dead gorgeous. In the game, they wind up having sex – lots of it. In fact, it’s the hottest fiery sex Brian has ever had. Over a period of months, he finds himself falling in love with Jane. One day, they decide to talk outside of the game so they exchange numbers and plan a time to talk. He finds himself enthralled by the idea of what they could do in real life if their digital sex is this hot. Listen to the full episode at

What was it like for you the first time you fell in love? Did you fall for someone who was outside your normal type? Love is often inconvenient, and sometimes doesn’t fit into the mold of who you think you should love. It’s a powerful force – mysterious, inspiring, painful, and evocative. Appreciating the changes it inspires within us is often more important than what becomes of the love itself. Listen to this erotic story about a man named Luke who reflects back on a distant memory of falling in love with a young woman at a pivotal time of growth and change in their lives. 

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In today’s erotic short story, Daniel, a 40-something year old man travels to London in the aftermath of his divorce to experience what it would be like to be a woman’s sex slave, and he finds a bargain when Mistress Anna shares him with her colleagues for the night.

Starting next month on September 4th, I will be releasing my erotic stories for Patreon members only. But don’t worry! Membership starts at just $2 per month – so only $1 per episode! With that small contribution, you’ll have access to my new stories every other week. If you appreciate the content that I’m putting out to enhance your erotic mind (and maybe your lover’s), then please go to and contribute starting with just $2/month. Thanks, lovers!

Today’s episode of Myths, Mating, & Mindset is one of our sexy short stories. This time, it’s about a dancer on a cruise ship named Kim who falls for her boss, and winds up feeling the freedom of surrender.

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Today’s episode of Myths, Mating, and Mindset is another erotic short story. This one is about a woman named Laney who has always fantasized about having a room full of sexy men that she gets to use for her pleasure, making them wait in line to please her. And she finally gets her wish.


Laney surveyed the men in front of her. And she knew that all her hard work had been worth it.

It had started off as an inkling at the back of her mind, a mere thought that perhaps she needed more than the bare minimum to keep her satisfied. She’d been with a lot of men, and not one of them seemed able to keep up with her searing libido. 

And so, like a good modern twenty-something year old woman, she had turned to the internet. And there, she had found communities of women bemoaning the same problems as her. Most of them were just complaining about their lack of satisfying partners. But there was one small group that caught her eye. A group who seemed better suited to her needs.

It shocked her at first to know there were other women like her out there. Other women who craved what she craved. But there they were – the only difference being, of course, that they were actually indulging their wide-ranging tastes, any way they saw fit to do so.

She made herself part of their society as soon as she got the chance. And she watched, as these women indulged themselves in ways she had only imagined before. Different men, any way they wanted. Submissive men of every creed and colour and build, all willing to do anything these women  wanted. Usually several of them at a time. At first, Laney wasn’t sure she could handle more than one. 

But when the opportunity arose for her to travel down to Vegas to meet with the group for the first time, she took it immediately.

She flew out to Vegas not knowing what to expect. The group told her she would be taking over the complementary suite for the night, and she couldn’t imagine what was waiting there for her. Most of the women involved in this club were older, cougars, searching after many years to find someone to satisfy them. Not Laney. She was just starting her journey, and vital, full of…

Full of men. 

That was the only thought that crossed her mind as she walked into the room for the first time, the room that had been filled with the men who were waiting for her. All five of them. Two confident men, strong and tall and broad-shouldered; another eager man with a shaved head and a thin wiry frame, and two very well hung men with muscular builds. They were already naked. All of them, kneeling there. Waiting for her. She felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

“Now, where should I begin?” She said out loud, scanning the men before her and tapping her finger on her lip. Surely, all of them at once would serve to satisfy her. She intended to find out, that was for sure.

“You, there,” she ordered the guy with the shaven head. “On your knees, and open your mouth.”

She watched with awe as he did as he was told. How long had she imagined someone obeying her every command like that? She moved towards him, and rolled up her dress – she had gone without panties, as advised – and slowly lowered her pussy down on to his mouth. His cock started to grow from the image of her thighs coming down on his face, and he smelled her juices between her lips.

And with that, the night belonged to her. She was dizzy with fulfilling her fantasies the way she had always craved, using these men as she saw fit. She let them all go down on her, changing position, parting her legs and grasping their heads and pushing them roughly down on to her pussy, rubbing their nose along her clit, grinding in rhythm with the friction of their faces. Normally, she would have hurried to get to the fucking to make sure her male partner didn’t grow bored, but here and now, she knew that this was all about her. She came once, twice, three times – already losing count as she grinded her clit against their tongues, delighting in the glistening wetness she left on their faces. 

She took one of the well hung men first, lowering herself down slowly onto his gorgeous cock and letting out a long moan as she eased it into herself. She rode him until she felt his cock twitch inside her, and grasped his face to watch him come – she came again herself watching him tip over the edge and feeling the girth of his dick widening inside her pussy.

After he was spent, she pushed him to his knees behind her as she took the cock of the next man – one of the tall guys, thick and solid, who hitched her off the ground and held her in place as he fucked her. The man behind her ran his tongue over her asshole, sending her panting towards the edge. She set the pace firmly, ordering the man she was fucking to slow down and then when to speed up, digging her nails roughly into his back to let him know when he was being a good boy. She came twice with him, her pussy already aching – and aching for more.

“Stroke yourselves while you watch,” she breathlessly ordered the others. “I want you ready when I get to you.”

And they were. She fucked them all in turn, and used them any other way she saw fit. She made one man look into her eyes as she rode his dick till she came, and then lifted herself off of him. When it came his turn to fuck her again, he went so hard and so desperate she felt her pussy spasming at once. 

She came a total of sixteen times that night, or maybe more, she lost count. By the time she was done with the men, they had all fucked her, sucked her, licked her, and pleased her any way they could. Panting, she caught her breath and surveyed what was left in front of her. She had worked so hard, for so long, and these men were utterly spent – but she was hardly just getting started. She knew she would never be able to go back to how it was before, before she had known the pure satisfaction of using five different men for her pleasure at once.

“Now, now, boys,” she announced, planting her hands on her hips. “What makes you think I’m done with you all that soon?” She stood tall and boldly, with a glimmer of deviousness in her eyes as she surveyed her new servants to see who she wanted next in line.

Welcome to Episode 15 of F*ck Like a Woman. Today we’ve got a sexy story for you about a young personal trainer and his boss having sex at the gym, where he learns exactly how to please this older woman.


Nate had just graduated from high school the summer before he started working at Macho Man’s Gym. It was the only workout facility his small town of 3,000 people had to offer, and Nate would soon became the face of it. Macho Man’s was the kind of the place where locals went to hang out for hours at a time since there wasn’t much to do around town. And because of that, it attracted not only hot bodies, but sex, too.

Nate had the kind of presence that was strong, serious, and silent, which drove the ladies fucking crazy. He was mysterious and yet perfectly humble, never hitting on girls who were clearly into him. Nate was the guy who had no idea how sexy he actually was. In fact, he had been training in his school’s gym for a few years and had developed a fisique enviable to most bodybuilders, which is why he was even more lust-worthy when he didn’t wear the typical string tanks that other bulky guys wore. Girls and women alike enjoyed imagining what was underneath his clothes, seeing his muscular body peaking out from his shirt. But Nate grew up in a very religious home where humility, austerity, and minimalism were held in very high regard. And because of that, he never really noticed how many women lusted after him.

The very first day Nate walked into Macho Man’s gym to start his membership, he looked up and his heart stopped for a moment as his eyes landed on an aerobics instructor striding across the floor in a skin tight blue leotard. Her name was Candy. She was more than 10 years older than Nate, and had a magnetism about her that his heart couldn’t deny. As alluring as the outfit on her tight, perfectly toned form was, it was nothing compared to how fast his heart raced when he looked into her soft, brown eyes for the first time. He was overwhelmed by how much confidence and power resided within her eyes, looking right back at him, seeming to possess a quiet authority he found himself shying away from.

After that first initiation with his new crush, he was in the gym every day, sometimes twice, toning his delicious body underneath his sweats. Over time, he learned Candy’s name, that she was in her 30s and managed the gym, and to his delight, exactly how many different leotards she had for teaching aerobics class. His favorite leotard was a white one that his eyes and shorts often strained to see through. Her curvy body bending over and stretching was almost too much to bear some days.

Soon, he applied for a job at Macho Man’s Gym, and shortly after was scheduled for an interview with this intimidating and sexy goddess. He was nervous, but somehow made it through without tossing her on the table and ripping off her leotard.

Not long after getting hired, Kevin, a friend from the gym, took Nate out for drinks at a bar. Nate was still underage, but looked much older so he didn’t get carded. Unbeknownst to Nate, Kevin was actually having a fling with Nate’s coworker, Stacy. So when Stacy and Candy walked through the door, Nate was completely caught off guard. He was nervous, not only was she smoking hot, but she was his boss, and he wasn’t sure how to interact outside of the gym. When Stacy and Candy went to the bar for more drinks, Kevin filled him in on all the details- that Stacy was breaking it off with her boyfriend to be with Kevin, but he hadn’t told anyone except Nate so he had to keep it quiet, and that Candy had about a dozen guys trying to date her at the gym.

After a few more drinks, they all went back to Kevin’s place to keep the night going. Before long, Kevin and Stacy disappeared into another room leaving Nate and Candy alone in the master bedroom. The excited energy between them was piercing through their timid flirting, and the sexual tension was mounting. Candy touched his arm playfully as they joked back and forth, and Nate got a surge of lust when he looked into her eyes, and he was overcome by his primal desire for her. Months of watching her full breasts bounce as she taught step aerobics, of watching her long muscular legs and tight ass flexing and swaying as she climbed the stairs to the exercise floor, and finally all the increasing desire exploded inside of him as he rolled her onto the bed, straddling and passionately kissing her, their tongues finding each other. Her hands slowly glided over his body, firmly grabbing his ass and slowly moving closer toward the front of his pants. But to their disappointment, they were soon interrupted by Stacy needing to leave. Nate’s hard dick was throbbing, thinking about what almost happened. He had to relieve himself a few times in the shower after she left, wishing it was Candy stroking his hard, wet, cock.

A few nights later as he was closing up the gym, Nate realized he was finally alone with Candy. They walked upstairs to turn off the lights, knowing they were alone, and she shoved him up against the door, dropped to her knees and slid his pants down, freeing his quickly growing erection and took his dick all the way into her mouth, sucking and licking along the base, looking up at him to see how he liked it. She ripped his pants off from around his feet, then stood up to pull his shirt up over his sexy muscular chest before peeling down her bright red leotard, slowly freeing her soft, sumptuous breasts. She led him to the aerobics floor where she grabbed and kissed him, entangling their naked bodies together on the floor.

Emboldened with the powerful energy of this enticing older woman, Nate wanted all of her. Every inch was pure heaven, so soft and sweet, her skin smelled and tasted like candy, living up to her name. He’d never been so enraptured by a woman, a full-bodied, sensual, voluptuous goddess, not just a girl from his high school. Kissing down her neck, onto her breasts, he felt her nipples growing harder in his mouth, and then, down to her navel he traveled.

Stripping her leotard off her waste and down her legs, Nate 69’ed her as he straddled her hips. Starting at her inner thighs and kissing inward until his lips and his tongue found the delicate sensations of her warm, growing clit, his tongue slowly drifted down further between her lips, landing on her warm, wet pussy. She took him into her mouth and Nate was completely overcome with lust, desire, and emotions he’d never felt before. As he continued to caress her clit with his tongue, she began to moan louder and dig her fingernails into his back. As her pleasure mounted, her moans turned into screams, and finally, her body exploded into one massive orgasm, squeezing his cock inside her tightening pussy. Nate grew so excited feeling her throbbing climax, that he pulled out and came all over her round, sweaty breasts.

For Nate, the combination of pain, pleasure, and knowing what he was doing to this sexy, older woman, who was more experienced than him, was enough to make his whole body erupt. Knowing that he could make a woman like that experience pleasure to that degree left him on cloud 9. It was exciting and thrilling for young Nate to experiment with an older woman to see what she liked in bed, what made her wet, what made her body shake, and how much she loved being teased. And to his surprise, that relationship turned into more than just sex; it taught Nate the intricacies of a woman’s body and exactly how much pleasure and seduction could lead to so many full body orgasms with the instruction and guidance from a true sexual goddess.


Stay tuned for next week’s episode where I talk intimately with a man who became paralyzed from the waste down in a car accident, and how he’s navigated sex after such a huge life change. See you next week.

Welcome to Episode 9 of F*ck Like a Woman. Today I’ve got your erotic story about a couple’s first experience at a swinger’s club.


“How long can you be with someone and still want them?” That was the question racing around Annette’s head as she looked at her husband, Mark, of twenty years, the father of her two children. They had gotten married shortly after turning 20 and had grown up together as high school sweethearts.

Both their sons had headed off to college in the last couple of years, and at first, Annette had been certain it would be a chance for the two of them to give themselves over to some of the passion that she knew they had been stemming since the boys had come along. She was hoping they would fall back into bed, back in love, like it was nothing.

Inside, Annette didn’t feel like she was about to turn 40. She had kept herself fit and lively while the boys were growing up, but she wondered if her husband felt the same way. But the raw passion they’d shared in their twenties wasn’t as forthcoming now that they’d lived through so many life stages together, and now they started to feel the emptiness in their house encroaching upon them. The necessities of being a wife and mother had kept Annette from feeling as though she had much to offer sexually.

She found herself looking at her husband anew, wondering who was this man with whom she’d shared the better part of her life with, but at the same time, had grown to be an emotional stranger, withholding parts of himself that she knew had to still be inside him – parts that longed to experience passion and adventure with their newfound freedom.

Annette noticed the peppered grey hairs sprinked throughout his hair, and for the first time, she realized just how sexy it was. The crease of his smile as he asked how her day was – it was familiar yet charming, a sign of a man with years of experience under his belt.

With so much loneliness and uncertainty about this new chapter, Annette decided to seek comfort in her best friend, Elena. Elena was the kind of friend who always walked the line. And truthfully, Annette had wished for years that she had the kind of raw courage that Elena made look so easy. When Annette told her how much her sex life with Mark had deteriorated over the last 5 years, Elena grinned at her as though she’d been waiting for this opening for as long as she could remember.

“Here,” Elena pushed a discreet card with a phone number on it across the table towards Annette. “This’ll help, trust me.”

Annette sat puzzled, “What is it? Couples counselling?”

“Sort of, we had a similar problem, Mac and I, and this…this was the best way we found to address it.”

She shrugged, took the card, and stuck it in her purse, but on her way home, she figured out what the number was for. A swingers club. And suddenly she got a flutter in her stomach.  

When Annette got home, she confided in Mark about how badly she wanted to break the routine and she didn’t know what they could do to make it better…except for one recommendation she found through a friend. She pulled out the card and handed it to Mark.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he said. “No way we can do something like that.” Annette was a little discouraged watching him vehemently shaking his head.

And truthfully, at first, part of her agreed with him, but as weeks passed on and their sex life failed to improve, she knew that desperate measures had to be taken to keep what remained of their sex life alive. Mark took some convincing, but eventually he came around.

“Just once, just to see.”

“Just once,” she agreed, and she felt a flutter of excitement as she realized what they were agreeing to.

After figuring out what exactly to wear to a swinger’s club, they nervously headed out together, holding each other’s hands tightly as they got out of the car. Annette was anxious, more anxious than she thought she’d be. She hesitated for a moment outside the door, but Mark pushed it open and strode inside, clearly wanting to get this over with. But when he saw what was waiting for him on the other side, he changed his tune.

“Wow”, she thought as she followed him in. Everywhere they looked, there were people spread out on couches, grinding on each other without a drop of shame. She saw couples making out and fooling around, and a stairway that led up to another floor. Annette watched one couple as they flashed flirty eyes at each other and headed up stairs.

Annette felt drawn to them for reasons she couldn’t put into words, and decided to follow them. She was surprised that Mark seemed happy to go along. Like Annette, he was busy trying to take it all in, take in the sheer weight of the sexy vibes in this place and how much they both wanted to be a part of it.

They followed the couple upstairs and down a hallway, and found them already locked in an intense embrace on a large bed in the center of one of the private rooms. Annette’s eyes widened, and she went to back away – but before she could, the woman spotted her and reached her hand out inviting her to come join them.

The woman glanced between Mark and Annette playfully. And Annette didn’t need telling twice.

What followed was perhaps the most exciting thing Annette and Mark had ever done together. They started slow at first, Annette kissing and touching the other woman while the men watched, but she was soon drawn to the man; she was nervous at the thought of letting him put his hands on her, but Mark gave her a look reassuring her it was okay – that tonight was about adventure and pleasure. Before long, Mark was sitting back and watching as his wife was pleasured by this new couple, both of them using mouths, hands and tongues to stimulate her in any way they could. And seeing her like that, being devoured so sensually by this couple, sparked something in him.

Soon the woman turned toward Mark, and began to undress him as the other man mounted Annette on the bed. Mark couldn’t take his eyes off his wife, how wanted she was, how hot she looked as another man began to fuck her. The woman dipped her head down to take his straining erection into her mouth and began to blow him, her mouth fresh and new on his cock.

Annette glanced over at Mark, and felt a matching swell of lust for this man who she thought she had seen in nearly every light, but the jealousy at watching another woman suck his cock was enough to spark something that had been missing for a long time between them.

Eventually, the strain in his dick was too much for him to take, and he pulled the woman from his cock and lay her down on the bed, spread her legs open, and ate her pussy. She handed him a condom, wanting him to fuck her. He sheathed himself and looked over at his wife, lost in a powerful rush of ecstasy at watching his wife riding this other man. And as Mark began to slide his way inside her for the first time, he reached out to his wife, and curled his finger around hers, letting her know without words, that no matter what happened tonight, it was her he wanted. It was her he wanted now and forever. Annette squeezed his hand, silently replying that after all this time, she knew beyond all certainly that she wanted him, too.


That’s it for today everyone. Stay tuned for an upcoming episode, where we’ll be talking about the 9 predictors of divorce that allow researchers to tell within a few minutes if a couple is going to make it long-term or not. See you next time!

Welcome everyone to F*ck Like a Woman, episode 6. Today we’re sharing our sexy story of the week inspired by real people and real events that might encourage some playful exploration or ignite some passion to bring back to your lover. This story is about an unexpected attraction between a conservative accountant and a tattooed bartender.


John closed his laptop and rubbed his temples, the week catching up to him. He was done with today, it was Friday and his friend Andrew was celebrating getting transferred to the sister building in Tulsa. He was supposed to meet them for happy hour, but he was 30 minutes late. He grabbed his things off the desk and clicked off the lights around his corner office. He left there looking forward to the night ahead, John had many good times with Andrew and would be sad to see him go, but he was happy his friend was moving on to bigger and better things. John stepped into the elevator a liberated man ready to unwind from a 60 hour work week. When the doors closed, he loosened his tie and undid his top button. John was strong and handsome, a God-fearing religious man, whose drive and determination brought him to the head of the finance department of a major corporation at the tender age of twenty-nine. With short brown hair and deep blue eyes, John was quite striking. But he would not deter from his goals of having the perfect job and the perfect family. Not only fit in the eyes of the Lord, but in the eyes of his boss – who he hoped to replace one day.

As he pulled up in his Uber to the address, he was taken aback as to why Andrew would choose such a dismal place. It was called “Ryan’s Pub”, and it looked like a dump. He walked inside, and was met with the sounds of glasses clinking and “Dropkick Murphy’s” playing on the jukebox. Catching up with his friends before offering everyone the next round on him, John found his way over to the bar.

Pulling out his wallet to start a tab, he turned his head and saw eyes so green he almost forgot to take a breath. Maze had black hair that fell just past her shoulders and a shirt that barely covered her breasts. She wore a pair of high waisted shorts that showed her ass and complemented the curve of her hips. Her long legs ended in a pair of black combat boots. She was covered in tattoos.  “Hey there, what can I get you?” His eyes shot to the ring protruding from the right side of her pouty red lips; then to the tattoos on her throat and chest before meeting her gaze. She leaned over on the bar, so her breasts were just visible down her cut up Slayer t-shirt. Was this really happening?, he wondered to himself. “Uh (clears throat), I’ll take a whisky neat please” he choked out. She flashed a set of perfect teeth before heading off to grab his drink. He watched her ass as she stepped away. John quickly changed his mind about going home early. When she came back to take his card, she glanced at the name and back at him. Something devious behind her smile made his ears hot. “Nice to meet you, Johnny boy. I’m Maze” she said with a wink and walked away to stow the card and tend to other patrons.

John made his way back to his friends, but kept one eye on her the rest of the night. The place had gotten busy and after a few hours reminiscing about all the good times they’d had with Andrew, it was getting late. Andrew was about to call it a night, but John knew this was his chance to make his way to the bar for some alone time with this mysterious new girl he’d been admiring all night.

Finding an empty bar stool, he noticed the pub had a better feel after some drinks, and he’d grown fond of it. When he looked over, he met again with the green eyes he had gotten lost in just hours before. She was leaning against a cooler looking at him. “Can I get ya another whiskey?” Seeing his glass was empty he opted for another.

When she came back with his drink, he stole a look at the tattoos covering her neck and throat. She had a large moth like creature on her neck and a lamp in the middle of her chest surrounded by intricate designs and details. And he couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have that lip ring between his teeth, to bite and suck on as he teased her. He imagined how it would feel wrapped around his cock.

There was something about Maze; she resembled someone he’d known once before. Suddenly it came to him; it was a girl from college he’d met in art class. She had tattoos and piercings just like Maze that he stared at from the row behind her. He recalled how many hours he spent daydreaming imagining how far they probably traveled down her body. Occasionally he caught a glance at her breasts as she leaned down to get her bag. He’d always wanted to ask her out, but his mother would have beat him with the bible. At the time he was dating the daughter of the organist at his church. His mother had hand-picked her, and she was her idea of perfect in the Lord’s eyes: clean, pristine, and above all, Godly. John remembered yawning through their whole first date. She eventually broke it off with him, but her company was not missed. John was too busy thinking of the girl from art class as he pleasured himself to sleep in his dorm to thoughts of her climbing on top of his desk and shoving her breasts into his face, playfully distracting him from his studies. And now here he was, wishing Maze would do the same.

The sound of pool balls slamming together brought him back from his daydream. As the minutes rolled on, John and Maze found themselves enamored by each other’s company, exchanging interesting details about their lives and finding it amusing how much they actually had in common, yet intrigued by their differences. The melodic tone of her voice made John curious to know what it would sound like as a moan in his ear. He sipped his whiskey feeling the warmth spread throughout his body and wondering how warm she would feel inside of her.

“Well John, I’m glad you guys came in. It’s nice to see some new faces.” When she winked at him with those piercing green eyes, he felt a rush of desire overcome him. He had to keep it cool though; this wasn’t like him. Realizing the pub was about to close, he asked her for her number and was pleased when she grabbed his phone and texted herself, making sure he couldn’t forget her.

John and Maze spent the next few weeks together, meeting up at the pub every afternoon when he got off work, and her stealing any free days she had away from the bar. It was a surprisingly fast pace for John who was always so methodical and career focused, not usually one to let a woman distract him from his career pursuits. But they had actually been taking it slow and didn’t want to rush getting physical because they both felt there was something really special about their connection.

Saturday night, they had plans for a date and both felt the excitement of knowing something more was in store. A whole evening of sexual tension and playful flirting led to a very intense Uber ride home. In the car, Maze looked at John like she was looking into his mind, like she could see he wanted her straddling him, taking in every inch. John needed to collect himself, he couldn’t take his eyes off her bare legs; he wanted to put his hand between her thighs as her dress climbed shorter with every bump in the road. He was completely losing it.

When they reached his apartment and got inside, he tossed his keys on the counter and came up behind her. She let out a loud moan as he gripped her panties through her dress and rubbed until he felt her body moisten over her clothes. He slipped his hand under her dress from behind and beneath her panties, slipping his finger along her wet pussy until he sank his finger inside her. Her body almost went limp, bending forward against the counter in complete surrender. He slipped another finger in, she moaned, then he slipped another finger in and she moaned even louder.

Wanting more of her, John led her down the hall to the shower and undressed her. Maze unzipped him as she kissed down his chest and stomach. Soaking in the steaming hot water, her breasts dripping wet as he pulled her close to his chest. Her pink nipples were hard, waiting for his mouth to suck and bite them. John bit into her supple lips, sucking on her lip ring. Then, Maze took his face and shoved him down on his knees; she wrapped her leg around his neck and shoved his face into her pussy, tightening her grip on his hair. The taste of her sweetness in his mouth was almost enough to cum. He stroked his cock, enveloped by her soft thighs and sexy smell. She grabbed his hair as he licked her clit methodically, knowing just where to kiss and slide his tongue. He felt her grip tighten as he slid his fingers deep inside her tight pussy making her moan. Her sounds made him ravenous. She grabbed his head deeper into her pussy, unable to control her trembling legs, shaking as she came in his mouth. John stood up and turned her around, bending her over against the wall, gripping her waist, as he put a condom on and slid inside. Her pussy was so tight and wet from cuming that he just wanted to lick her all over again. Staring at this amazingly sexy creature in front of him, he wanted to bite her neck and every inch of her seductive tattoos. Her ass bouncing and back glistening as the water dripped off her body. He’d never been with a woman where he felt almost animalistic, so primal and raw. John was weak in the knees. He squeezed her breasts and let out one final climactic moan as he gripped her juicy ass. He leaned into the wall barely holding himself up with his legs slightly twitching from the full body convulsion of his orgasm.  

In the afterglow of that night, John thought to himself that maybe, just maybe, his life could be opened up for new possibilities; that maybe he could loosen the reins just a little bit on his otherwise tightly held lifestyle. He wondered what might lie in store for his future with Maze; what kind of adventures could they have together? What kind of colors could she bring into his life that he hadn’t let himself explore since he was a child. He wondered if maybe he’d found someone with whom he could travel into the unknown, to find more than just life inside the narrow box where he’d been existing for the last 29 years.


That’s it for today everyone; stay tuned for the next episode of F*ck Like a Woman. We’ll be discussing how to tell if you’ve lost yourself in your relationship and how to find your way back. This episode is also helpful if you suspect this has happened to your partner. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be good.

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Welcome to Episode 5 of F*ck Like a Woman. Have you ever wanted an explanation as to why you aren’t as horny as other girls, or maybe in your case, why you’re so much more horny than they are? Or have you ever been so incredibly turned on and really enjoying sex, but you just can’t quite orgasm? Or did you used to have such great sex with your man before your kids came along, but you almost never do now and yet you still really love him?

Well, I came across a very interesting and well researched theory to explain these disturbing phenomena when I was reading Emily Nagoski’s New York Times best seller book, Come As You Are, which I’m adding to my recommended reading list for you all (buy the book here). In the book, Nagoski explains what is called the Dual Control Model for sexual arousal, which was theorized in the 90s by Erick Janssen and John Bancroft at the Kinsey Institute. Okay, let’s skip to the part we actually care about.

The Dual Control Model is one of those concepts that is a game-changer if you want to understand why you do the things that you do, especially if you’re proactive like me and want to live life to the fullest. What you might not have known is that your central nervous system is made up of 2 regulating systems called your sexual accelerator and your sexual brakes, which control how and when you respond to sexual stimuli, so basically they control your sexual response. Not just that, but we’ll discuss how there are individual differences from person to person, which impact how we respond to the sexual world. These 2 systems relate to your mood and your environment a great deal, which complicate things even more. But don’t worry, because, spoiler alert, you just have to figure out how to turn on your accelerator and turn off your brakes, which we’ll talk about today.

As Nagoski explains in her book, Come As You Are, the central nervous system which is made up of your brain and spinal cord possesses a pairing of systems working together that she refers to as the accelerator and brakes. These 2 parts are your sexual excitation system, shortened to SES or ses, and the sexual inhibition system, shortened to SIS or sis.

As you probably imagine, the excitation system or SES, is what accelerates your sexual response and constantly scans your environment all day every day for anything sexually relevant like yummy cologne smells, the sexy way he looks when he’s lifting weights at the gym, the tingly touch of his hand as he plays with your hair, and of course anything else our senses pick up, including our imagination. The inhibition system, or SIS is what what tells you oh, no, don’t even go there! And it’s also scanning for the same environmental information to tell you what’s a threat and unwanted stimuli. Your SIS is like the gremlin on your shoulder giving you reasons not to be aroused. But it serves a purpose because it also prevents you from being turned on during less appropriate scenarios like say, when you’re making that sales pitch to a client. And it also brings everything to a screeching halt if something unwanted happens, like your kids walk in on you fooling around. In the inhibition system there are actually 2 brakes, one has higher intensity and fears higher level concerns like getting pregnant or STDs, whereas the other is less intense and worries more about low level concerns like body image and not being able to orgasm. Emily explains that most people struggling with arousal or desire think that it’s an issue of needing more accelerator, but in fact, it’s that they have too much brake.

Let’s talk arousability. This is simply switching on your accelerator and switching off your brakes. Your arousability depends on how sensitive they are to sexual stimulation, so how much intensity to your accelerator and how little intensity to your brakes. Your SES and SIS are traits that are pretty constant over your lifetime, but don’t worry because the good news is you can change your learned response to sexual stimulation to have more triggers that appeal to your accelerator, and you can also decrease the amount of things that put on your brakes. You can even change how you feel about the things that are currently putting on your brakes. As I mentioned before, every person has different sensitivities like, someone could have high excitation and high inhibition where all they need to do is remove what’s pushing the brakes to have a super great sex life. Or someone could have low excitation and high brakes, which would mean that if you took away all the potential brakes it would still probably take them a while to rev their engine up and get in the mood; 1-4% of women fall here with low desire and interest in sex, making it hard for them to get aroused and especially orgasm. For someone who has high excitation and low brakes, they might have a hard time preventing arousal, which could lead to compulsive sexual behavior; 2-6% of women fall here as highly motivated by sex. But most people, men and women, fall somewhere in the middle of the bell curve. Nagoski reaffirms that all combinations of SIS and SES are completely normal, even the ones on the higher and lower range. Even more interesting is that no matter your accelerator, sensitive brakes are the most accurate predictor of sexual problems of any kind.

If you want to know where you fall on the spectrum, Emily Nagoski has posted the Sexual Temperament Questionnaire on her website that anyone can download. I’ll make sure to put links to her website on the show’s synopsis. Nagoski advises that this is not actual science, but rather an approximation.  

The questionnaire helps you find where you fall in terms of both your brakes and your accelerator, so you’ll have 2 scores for each. Let’s go through some examples of the different combinations of people and where you might find yourself.

In terms of how intense your brakes are, you might be either low, medium, or high.

If you have low intensity brakes, then you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really have a lot holding you back from having sex. You probably aren’t concerned with body image or being in your head too much; you don’t find many reasons why you shouldn’t have sex, and when you’re in the heat of the moment, you’re ALL IN. Sometimes you might find it hard to think of a reason not to have sex so it might be a challenge to keep it in your pants. Nagoski says about 15% of the women she’s asked, fall here.

If you have medium intensity brakes, then you share this trait with about 50% of women. You’re the kind of person who can get horny if the context is right. You’re more likely to be able to let go if you’re in a familiar context where you know your partner and can predict how it’s gonna go down. If you have a new partner or new risky situation, you’re probably going to put on the brakes. And if your mood or stress levels go up, like if you’re anxious or depressed, your interest in sex goes down and so does your ability to focus on it while you’re having it. You basically close your doors for business.

If you have high intensity brakes, then you’re with about 25% of women, Nagoski says. You are closed for business almost all year round. You need lots of trust and familiarity to be turned on. And you really don’t want to feel pressured or rushed, that just makes it worse. You probably have a hard time staying focused on sex. If this is you, Nagoski has a sexy context worksheet that I’ll link to in the show notes.

Let’s move on to the intensity of your accelerator, which will be either low, medium, or high.

If you have a low sensitive accelerator, then you probably don’t get sexually aroused out of the blue. More than likely, you have to be very intentional with how you choose to focus your energy on things that get your wheels turning, in fact, you might identify a little with asexuality. Much like having a highly sensitive brake, you need lots of familiarity in your sexual scenarios, and actually you need higher intensity stimulus to ignite your dulled accelerator. You need to turbo charge your sexual stimuli. Nagoski says these women could benefit from using a vibrator and daily attention put toward your sensual side, kind of like exercising a muscle. If this is you, you’re part of 8% of women.

If you have a medium sensitive accelerator, you fall in with roughly 70% of women. Just like with a medium brake, you’re most likely going to be sexually interested if you have the right context, which is a pretty reasonable fix. But with a medium accelerator, you’d be ready to ride if the romance and eroticism was on point. If not, then sex probably isn’t on your radar at all. These women just need a little fuel and it can pretty easily turn into a bonfire.  You just need to increase how many sexy contextS you put yourself in and then you’re livin the good life!

If you have a highly sensitive accelerator, look out! You might put your silky bathrobe on after a shower and be ready to get frisky! You probably have a highly erotic appreciation for all things naughty, like things that most people would never even associate with sex. And this does NOT make you a slut. You also likely get a lot of satisfaction out of making your partner orgasm because you’re so sensitive to arousal. Let’s hope your partner can appreciate this quality in you. 🙂 You probably have a wide range of scenarios that are sexually interesting to you, and might even use it as a way to de-stress. The only thing is that sometimes this comes along with sexual compulsivity so if it’s become unbalanced and you’re starting to notice you’re regretting some of those decisions you made while in the heat of the moment, then consider other physical alternatives to getting the stress out like working out. Nagoski says about 16% of women fall here with a super sensitive radar for any and all things sexual.

So what does all this mean? If you scored somewhere in the middle, you’re in the same boat as about half the population. If you were in the high or low range, you’re in a much smaller pool so you might be one of those women who has had a harder time relating to others. This is perfectly normal. Now you get to figure out how and what to put more attention on depending on where you are if you find it to be problematic.

So here’s the part where you might be like, ya I could have guessed that. Across the whole population, men have more sensitive accelerators and women have more sensitive brakes, but the interesting thing is that within the male population and within the female population there is much more variation within each group than a difference from men to women. Basically women vary more from each other than they vary from men as a whole, and have a much wider range of responses to questions like, how often would you like to have sex? And the same goes for men. So turns out, we’re more similar with men than we might have thought.

Interestingly enough, 10-20% of men and women experience more sexual interest when they’re depressed or anxious. In this scenario, the man has a less sensitive brake and the woman has a more sensitive accelerator. Which, the fact that someone is more interested in sex during stressful times, implies that these 2 systems are very much impacted by other motivations systems in the brain, like stress response. So your mood and anxiety levels have a lot more to do with your arousability than whether you’re a man or woman.

Okay so now we get to my favorite part, what turns you on? I’m about to blow your mind with the most interesting part about this whole topic: almost nothing is innately sexually arousing. Yup, isn’t that crazy?  

People aren’t born knowing what’s sexy. Your brain has to figure out what are sexually relevant stimuli versus what are threats. It’s actually a process of learning that information, just like other culturally-specific information, like learning a language or developing an accent. Depending on what environment you’re in as you’re learning, you’re going to learn different things with different tastes, different taboos, and different threats. We learn what’s sexually relevant through experience and association. You teach your excitation and inhibition systems what you like and don’t like. This explains why the things that we were gross and disgusting as little girls and boys are now the things we fantasize about as adults. Or why if you take your sexual tastes at 20 years old and fast forward to age 45, they will be different, probably a little kinkier. Your appetite and tastes evolve as you engage in different sexual activities and through association, or as I call it, cultural osmosis. There are more pieces to this puzzle that explain how our preferences evolve and strengthen, such as what’s going on with our brain chemistry and hormonal cocktails as we click on increasingly taboo porn videos, but it’s a good start.  

There are lots of different theories out there that attempt to explain the differences between the sexual programming between boys and girls. Nagoski’s book explains the one that makes the most sense to her as a sex educator and researcher. In this theory, when a little boy has an erection as a very small child, because there is a physically visible change to his body that he can actually see happening, he attributes the erection to both something in his external environment and the pleasurable feelings that come with it. But because girls don’t have a visible physiological change to look at and make associations to learn what caused it, they look to the social context of their environment to link what caused their arousal. Little girls don’t even know there’s a whole physiological change happening in their genitalia, so when they feel pleasure and arousal they look to the person in their environment to figure out what’s sexually relevant.

Also, as girls start their menstrual cycle, depending on where they are in that cycle, their brain will either be more or be less primed to link the external prompts of potential sexual stimuli to her internal arousal. Because girls have more variation in their hormones than boys whose hormones don’t fluctuate, it usually takes girls longer to learn what’s sexually relevant and when they do, it’s more connected to the social context and they’re more prone to experience a mismatch between what their genitals are doing and their arousal level.

This is all so fascinating to me. Now, you might be wondering, how much can I alter my excitation and inhibition systems? It’s a good question. Evidence suggests there’s very little we can do to change the propensity of your excitation and inhibition systems, but you can change what these systems respond to to a certain degree. This is great news. You can change what your brakes think is threatening and you can also change the amount of threats in your environment. For example, if your sexual brakes think that a well lit room is a threat, you have a couple choices here: you can either retrain your mind to be okay having sex in broad daylight (which might be a little harder to do), or you can minimize the threat itself by just turning off all the lights or having sex by candlelight. Other common threats to your brakes would be things like having your kids sleeping in bed with you, having doors that don’t lock, having thin walls, worrying about STDs or pregnancy, worrying about your sexual reputation if you sleep with this person, struggling with self-esteem and body image, or being really stressed out.

And even better news is that you can apply the same logic to your sexual accelerator! Just increase the sexually relevant stimuli by changing the context to something more conducive to getting you in the mood. To do this thoroughly, you’ll need to sit down with a pen and paper and actually go through both some of your not so good and really good sexual experiences from your past and clearly articulate what was it, specifically, that made it either not good or good. You’re trying to extract the elements from each context that vibed or didn’t vibe with you. I’ll put a link to Nagoski’s worksheets in this episode’s synopsis. And my recommendation for expanding your scope of sexual stimuli is by doing some fun exploration with your partner. Kind of like what you did when you were in high school and fooling around with your boyfriend. You didn’t know where it was going to lead, there was no script to follow, you just tried things and had fun exploring and playing. It was much less outcome driven then and more about playful pleasure.


Well, I hope you all learned some good info about your sexual accelerator and sexual brakes that will hopefully help you tweak your sex life and your romantic life in the direction that you want it to be. Remember that almost nothing we find sexually appealing was innate in us at birth, we had to learn those things. So the good news is that even though we don’t know enough yet on how to change our excitation and inhibition systems themselves, we do know that we can affect how much sexual stimuli we bring forth into our lives and that with deliberate and focused attention, we even have the potential to change how we respond to our environment to neutralize threats and transform non-sexual stimuli into sexual stimuli with mental programming. Pretty amazing, right?

Well, this wraps up today’s show. Stay tuned for the next episode of F*ck Like a Woman, featuring our sexy story of the week about an unexpected attraction between a conservative accountant and a tattooed bartender.

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