Want to stop having painful sex, both anal and vaginal, and even use orgasms as pain relievers? Former vagina coach, Dr. Monika Stefanowicz, helps women and men who experience pelvic pain reclaim their sex lives. She teaches her patients how to improve bladder control (postpartum or otherwise), how to have tighter sex, and how to compassionately view ourselves in relation to chronic pain to enjoy sexual pleasure again. Dr. Monika is not your typical doctor who can often seem unapproachable and sterilized. Instead, she makes talking about sexual pain fun and lighthearted, adding in humor to the conversations about pee, poop, and sex!


Dr. Monika Stefanowicz is a physical therapist who specializes in pee, poop, sex, and persistent pelvic pain problems. She helps her clients understand the most intimate parts of their body so they can enjoy all that life has to offer. Dr. Monika uses a holistic spirit, mind, body, and emotion approach with each client to create their roadmap for healing. She earned her Bachelors in Health Science and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Springfield College before pursuing residency training in pelvic health at Brooks Rehabilitation. Dr. Monika has been happily blogging about pelvic health & holistic wellness since 2015 at www.liftlaughkegel.com. A first-generation Polish immigrant, she now calls Silicon Valley, California home. She can regularly be spotted reading/writing at local coffee shops and exploring farmer’s markets on the weekends. The best way to reach Dr. Monika is via Instagram @liftlaughkegel.