If you’re the least bit curious to know where your biggest sexual fantasies probably come from, I promise you’ll want to hear this one. On this two-part episode, I explain how and why we create our sexual fantasies by exploring the deeper, pathogenic beliefs that we develop about ourselves in relation to our primary caregivers in childhood, and how something you might least expect is the one necessary ingredient to becoming sexually aroused.

My online dating connoisseur is back to tell about a couple of her more surprising encounters, namely a couple of suitors’ preferences for coprophilia (a sexual affinity for defecation, ie poop) and homoeroticism (a same-sex erotic attraction, but not necessarily acted upon). This conversation is both comical (when we need some relief – no pun intended), and an honest conversation about some common sexual fears, fantasies, and cultural stigmas that deserve some examination and understanding.

I talk with singer/songwriter, Albert Angarita, about how sexuality, relationships, dating, and marriage is changing in the millennial age with more access to information, educational tools, and historical archives that allow us to make better decisions in life and love. We discuss power, privilege, and expanding our consciousness to become more evolved as human beings. http://www.instagram.com/angarita/

Today, I talk candidly with a man who became paralyzed from a car accident, leaving him in a wheelchair, and how it’s reconstructed his sex and dating life. It’s an intimate glance inside the world of someone who is often mistaken for having little or no sexual desire, and that just isn’t the case. We talk about some of the misconceptions around disability and intimacy.

Trauma often lurks in the shadows of our relationships, never fully recognized or healed. Many of us don’t realize how deeply affected our present-day selves are by the abuse and damage from our pasts. Without examination and healing, we can never fully reach our truest relationship potential. Today, I’m sharing my own experience with these icky topics, and within it you will find hope, light, and love.

Today, I talk with an academic researcher about how porn isn’t living up to its full potential as a tool to ignite eroticism and sexual exploration. We discuss how to bring authenticity and responsibility to our consumption of porn in an industry that’s influencing (and mirroring) men’s sense of masculinity and their attitudes about women.