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What if you could break through what’s blocking your happiness by sneaking in the back door

I can teach you some simple and immediate changes that you can make right now to start feeling better.


Text to Schedule: (682) 325-8618

Single Session – $100

(50 min session) Book a full session a la carte.

The Combo – $100

(30 min call + unlimited texting for one month) Sometimes all you need is a brief, laser-focused chat that points you exactly in the direction you need to be. Texting post-call gives you the check-ins and accountability that you need to make your vision become a reality.

Monthly Coaching – $350

(4 Full Sessions) The best results come from consistent effort and attention. Troubleshoot your dilemma with four weekly sessions to maximize your focus and see the outcome you desire.

3 Months – $1,000

(12 Full Sessions) Sometimes life beckons us to heed to a crisis so important that the only option left is to look it square in the face and listen to what it’s been trying to tell us. What has your life been trying to whisper to you that you cannot afford to avoid any longer?