Meet Devon

Hello, gorgeous! I’m Devon, a sex-positive relationship coach with a passionate interest in love and sexuality.

Do you know what fascinates me the most in life? The human mind. My infinite curiosity about what motivates people, what scares us, what excites us, and what drives us, all led me to coaching, where I can teach the concepts that I’ve learned and put them into practice as I go deeper into my coaching practice.

Studying social structures like gender, race, social class, and sexual orientation in college, I was able to shape my acute ability to communicate compassion and understanding for the human experience. My life coaching principles are woven into my message of self-love for those who struggle with worthiness, shame, guilt, and rejection.

Twice on the brink of divorce while struggling with conflicting identities of mother, wife, career woman, and self, I faced some of the most life-altering choices about how I wanted my life to progress. With a family and management career to consider, I dug deep within myself trying to get aligned and centered with my highest self. I learned that by exploring my interests, passions, fears, and limiting beliefs, I could better articulate what I truly wanted for myself, my marriage, and my family.

My vision is a world where women feel emboldened to really exist inside their bodies, entitled to a healthy, robust sexuality, where their bodies aren’t treated as sexual commodities. I envision men living as fully actualized human beings that are not shamed for their emotions, depth, and tenderness, where their masculinity is not threatened for being true lovers of women. I envision a world where all people have access to the fullness of life and love.

My mission in life is to teach, coach, and encourage others to embrace and live out their truest selves and highest purpose by limiting how we allow the socially constructed restrictions of our physical world to alter our choices and our destiny.