Meet Devon

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Motivational Coach

I’m Devon, a life coach and eternal optimist.

Do you know what fascinates me the most in life? The human mind.

My infinite curiosity about what motivates people, what scares us, what excites us, and what drives us, all led me to coaching, where I can teach the concepts that I’ve learned and put them into practice as I go deeper into my coaching practice.

My mission in life is to teach, coach, and encourage others to embrace and evolve into the highest, truest expression of themselves as human beings. I envision a world where all people have access to the fullness of life and love.

Studying social structures like gender, race, social class, and sexual orientation in college, I was able to shape my acute ability to communicate compassion and understanding for the human experience.

My life coaching principles are woven into my message of self-love for those who struggle with worthiness, shame, guilt, and rejection.