Episode 34: Laney Dominates 5 Men

Today’s episode of Myths, Mating, and Mindset is another erotic short story. This one is about a woman named Laney who has always fantasized about having a room full of sexy men that she gets to use for her pleasure, making them wait in line to please her. And she finally gets her wish.


Laney surveyed the men in front of her. And she knew that all her hard work had been worth it.

It had started off as an inkling at the back of her mind, a mere thought that perhaps she needed more than the bare minimum to keep her satisfied. She’d been with a lot of men, and not one of them seemed able to keep up with her searing libido. 

And so, like a good modern twenty-something year old woman, she had turned to the internet. And there, she had found communities of women bemoaning the same problems as her. Most of them were just complaining about their lack of satisfying partners. But there was one small group that caught her eye. A group who seemed better suited to her needs.

It shocked her at first to know there were other women like her out there. Other women who craved what she craved. But there they were – the only difference being, of course, that they were actually indulging their wide-ranging tastes, any way they saw fit to do so.

She made herself part of their society as soon as she got the chance. And she watched, as these women indulged themselves in ways she had only imagined before. Different men, any way they wanted. Submissive men of every creed and colour and build, all willing to do anything these women  wanted. Usually several of them at a time. At first, Laney wasn’t sure she could handle more than one. 

But when the opportunity arose for her to travel down to Vegas to meet with the group for the first time, she took it immediately.

She flew out to Vegas not knowing what to expect. The group told her she would be taking over the complementary suite for the night, and she couldn’t imagine what was waiting there for her. Most of the women involved in this club were older, cougars, searching after many years to find someone to satisfy them. Not Laney. She was just starting her journey, and vital, full of…

Full of men. 

That was the only thought that crossed her mind as she walked into the room for the first time, the room that had been filled with the men who were waiting for her. All five of them. Two confident men, strong and tall and broad-shouldered; another eager man with a shaved head and a thin wiry frame, and two very well hung men with muscular builds. They were already naked. All of them, kneeling there. Waiting for her. She felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

“Now, where should I begin?” She said out loud, scanning the men before her and tapping her finger on her lip. Surely, all of them at once would serve to satisfy her. She intended to find out, that was for sure.

“You, there,” she ordered the guy with the shaven head. “On your knees, and open your mouth.”

She watched with awe as he did as he was told. How long had she imagined someone obeying her every command like that? She moved towards him, and rolled up her dress – she had gone without panties, as advised – and slowly lowered her pussy down on to his mouth. His cock started to grow from the image of her thighs coming down on his face, and he smelled her juices between her lips.

And with that, the night belonged to her. She was dizzy with fulfilling her fantasies the way she had always craved, using these men as she saw fit. She let them all go down on her, changing position, parting her legs and grasping their heads and pushing them roughly down on to her pussy, rubbing their nose along her clit, grinding in rhythm with the friction of their faces. Normally, she would have hurried to get to the fucking to make sure her male partner didn’t grow bored, but here and now, she knew that this was all about her. She came once, twice, three times – already losing count as she grinded her clit against their tongues, delighting in the glistening wetness she left on their faces. 

She took one of the well hung men first, lowering herself down slowly onto his gorgeous cock and letting out a long moan as she eased it into herself. She rode him until she felt his cock twitch inside her, and grasped his face to watch him come – she came again herself watching him tip over the edge and feeling the girth of his dick widening inside her pussy.

After he was spent, she pushed him to his knees behind her as she took the cock of the next man – one of the tall guys, thick and solid, who hitched her off the ground and held her in place as he fucked her. The man behind her ran his tongue over her asshole, sending her panting towards the edge. She set the pace firmly, ordering the man she was fucking to slow down and then when to speed up, digging her nails roughly into his back to let him know when he was being a good boy. She came twice with him, her pussy already aching – and aching for more.

“Stroke yourselves while you watch,” she breathlessly ordered the others. “I want you ready when I get to you.”

And they were. She fucked them all in turn, and used them any other way she saw fit. She made one man look into her eyes as she rode his dick till she came, and then lifted herself off of him. When it came his turn to fuck her again, he went so hard and so desperate she felt her pussy spasming at once. 

She came a total of sixteen times that night, or maybe more, she lost count. By the time she was done with the men, they had all fucked her, sucked her, licked her, and pleased her any way they could. Panting, she caught her breath and surveyed what was left in front of her. She had worked so hard, for so long, and these men were utterly spent – but she was hardly just getting started. She knew she would never be able to go back to how it was before, before she had known the pure satisfaction of using five different men for her pleasure at once.

“Now, now, boys,” she announced, planting her hands on her hips. “What makes you think I’m done with you all that soon?” She stood tall and boldly, with a glimmer of deviousness in her eyes as she surveyed her new servants to see who she wanted next in line.

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