Episode 26: Religion & Sexual Shame: One Couple’s Story of Sexual Repression

If you’ve ever struggled with guilt or shame around your sexuality that has roots in your religion, listen to this couple share their embarrassing and raw struggles with managing sexual desire while conflicting with the shaming messages from their faith. Creators of the “Show Up Naked” podcast, Eric & Stephanie Molletta, confess to all the humiliating details surrounding the shame & guilt of their religious past.

And this isn’t a conversation about a specific religion or denouncing God or religion in general, but rather a discussion to identify some of the challenges that can become major inhibitors not just to a couple’s sex life, but to the stability and integrity of the relationship itself when left unexamined.  

On the Show Up Naked Podcast, Eric and Stephanie aim to unapologetically tackle the tough and raw conversations about sex, relationships, and marriage that are usually hidden from the public eye that you rarely see discussed with such honesty, especially on social media. Their inspiration for the show started out of a desire to share their courageous story with infidelity, what it taught them about living intimately and authentically, and how embracing your naked beauty is a path to emotional vulnerability and spiritual growth.


Check out Eric and Stephanie’s podcast at www.showupnaked.com or follow them on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/showupnaked/.




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