Episode 23: Legacies of Sexual Abuse: How to Reshape Your Story and Speak Your Truth with Lynn Everard


My guest today shares a dark family secret ridden with shame – he was birthed out of incest. He opens up about his experiences with an alcoholic father and learning the shocking truth about where he came from.

Lynn Everard is now an author, a life coach, and a speaker, hoping to share his heartfelt message with the world about how speaking your truth could save your life. You can find more information on my guest here: https://lynneverard.com/ 

Specifically, we’re going to talk about:

  • The lack of physical touch for young boys
    • “As men we all have a war within that robs us of our peace but also can negatively impact the women in our lives, but as men discover their own war and are able to let go of it they become more capable living their lives from a place of balance. This includes how we treat and relate to women.” – Lynn Everard
  • His recent experience coaching a workshop for men called the Masculine Journey
  • The balancing act of masculine and feminine within all of us
    • “All men and women carry both the feminine and the masculine within. Our experiences, sexual identity and belief systems impact how we deal with it. I believe that many, if not most, men fear our feminine aspect. And as men we often attack what we fear. As men we cannot attack the feminine concept but we can attack women. I am not saying that this is the only possible truth on the matter but rather something to explore.” – Lynn Everard
  • His childhood experiences with incest and how it shaped his life and his 34 year marriage
  • Lynn’s upcoming book, How Speaking Your Truth Can Save Your Life and How It Saved Mine and he’s the co-creator of the soon to be launched How To Speak Your Truth Workshop.
  • By assisting his clients in writing their life stories, he helps them speak their own truth. Lynn believes in helping aspiring writers become powerful authors of their own lives.


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