Episode 19: Her Little Red Thong | Sexy Story

Welcome to Episode 19 of F*ck Like a Woman. Today’s episode is another erotic story about a hot college student named Russ who finally hooked up with his sexy gym crush late one night after a sweaty workout.


Russ was a young college student who always made time for a late night workout after studying and working all day. His apartment complex had a 24 hour gym so he was usually there by midnight and exercising alone, which he preferred, at least he thought he did.

After getting used to being in the gym alone, one night an attractive girl showed up a little after he did. When she walked in, their eyes locked and they both felt the electricity between them. Russ was already 2 miles in on the treadmill and a bit sweaty, but she didn’t seem to care. He smiled at her, and she smiled back. Russ couldn’t help but notice her enticing beauty and fit body. She started stretching and he hopped off the treadmill after he finished his warm up, got some water, and finished the rest of his routine. She started bending over and stretching, and he could not take his eyes off her. Not wanting to creep her out, Russ tried to keep his eyes to himself. She was still running on the treadmill when he was finished his workout, but they locked eyes again, smiled and said goodnight to each other as he walked out the door.

The next few nights at the gym were similar, the sexual tension was building and palpable. After seeing her there a third night in a row, he struck up a conversation in between pull-ups and stretching. They chatted casually for a few minutes before she told him she was 23. He suspected she wasn’t being truthful because she made it a point to state her age and she looked closer to 30, but Russ didn’t care. He’d always found the idea of older women exciting and sexy.

Russ didn’t make it back to the gym for another week. The next night he went, she was already there before she usually arrived. And once again, the gym was empty except for them. She approached him and confessed that she thought she would see him there the past few nights, sounding playfully disappointed.

After finishing his workout for the day, Russ hopped on the row machine to do his cool down cardio while she was on the treadmill… he was right behind her. She was wearing running shorts that showed a little too much ass, the kind that let her cheeks peek out at the bottom. Watching her ass go up and down from behind was just what he needed to finish up strong. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her. The deeper she got into her workout, the more sweaty she was, and the less he could look away. She caught him staring a couple times through the reflection of the window, but everytime she caught him staring, she would pull her shorts up a little higher each time, letting them creep up inside her ass more and more. It was like she was putting on a show just for him, knowing exactly what she was doing. Russ couldn’t help but cut his cardio short so he could shower and relieve himself. As he walked out the door he said goodnight, and she enticingly looked back at him with a lustful smile.

The next day, Russ got to the gym at the same time he usually did, but cut his routine short in hopes of catching another show from his new friend. Sure enough, there she was on the treadmill with short shorts that were skin tight and a tank top that hugged her curvy body perfectly. This time, he was a little closer behind her on the bike to see the tantalizing view of her running. Her body was soaked in sweat, and to his enjoyment it was completely arousing. She hopped off the treadmill with her back to him, and pulled her shorts up making them travel up further between her cheeks. She spread her legs, bent down to stretch, and Russ was mesmerized. He couldn’t look away, he didn’t want to, and he was pretty sure she didn’t want him to either. She stood up and looked back at him, smiling. At this point, he didn’t bother to hide the fact that he was staring because he didn’t care. She sat down on the machine next to him and started pedaling. When she sat down next to Russ, he breathed in deep, trying to catch a whiff of the beauty sitting next to him. Her scent was intoxicating. Her pheromones were driving him crazy, and she knew it. She looked over at him, then down in his lap, pausing to see what she was doing to him. Russ was so hard, bulging in his shorts. She looked up at him lustfully. She stretched her arms over her head, breathing harder, and making Russ melt wearing her tight tank top in that sexy pose. He couldn’t stop staring at her succulent chest, and she liked it. He took another deep breath through his nose and felt like he was getting high just off of her scent. Everything she did was mouthwatering. Russ thought to himself, “damn, this girl is as freaky as me.” He felt like an animal and she was his prey…

They finished their workout out at the same time and started talking, one conversation led to another, and she asked him to walk her up to her apartment so they could keep talking. On the walk to her place, she admitted that she found him very sexy and he told her the same. Russ complimented her gorgeous body, and emphasized how much he enjoyed working out behind her. She playfully asked if he liked her outfit and turned around showing off her perfectly shaped ass. Russ nodded in agreement, there were no words. They made it to her front door and she teasingly asked if he wanted to exercise again, hinting at what was coming next. She opened the door, pulled him in by his hand and Russ knew it was game time.

Stumbling inside her apartment, Russ pinned her against the wall holding her arms over her head and started kissing her, making out intensely. She walked backwards towards the couch without unlocking her lips from his and keeping her tongue in his mouth. He threw her down and pulled off her tight shorts, exposing her sexy red thong. Her body was still glistening with sweat, and he loved it. He pulled his shirt off and kissed his way down between her thighs. Russ lifted her legs up in the air and she pulled her legs in toward her torso. He kissed her hot pussy over her panties, they were soaked with all her sweet juices and her body’s sweat, which only made him harder. The smell of her wet pussy was incredibly delicious. He pulled her thong to the side so he could go down on her. He ate her pussy while he pulled down his shorts and started stroking himself. After enjoying her sweet taste for a few minutes, he got up, peeled her thong all the way off and slid inside of her. He thrust his cock in and out of her while she kept her legs pulled up and spread apart, stroking her clit. So aroused by all the foreplay, she moaned loudly with pleasure, finishing within a few minutes. Her loud moaning just kept turning him on even more… he felt himself growing inside of her. Finally, she ordered him to cum on her. Hearing her say that was so erotic that he uncontrollably erupted on her stomach. They laid there for a few minutes bathing in ecstasy and swimming in the passion of what had just happened.

Russ still looks back on that unforgettable night with excitement and pleasure, recalling specifically the way the smell of her sweat and pussy lit him up inside and made him want to devour her. He was so aroused by the scent that since that night, sometimes he makes it a specific request for his woman to not shower before he goes down on her. The smell of an aroused woman in her natural aromatic state is often one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs for many men, and to many women this turnon is incredibly sexually appealing to find in a partner. It can be powerfully freeing when a woman can relax and embrace this magnificent part of her feminine essence and especially when it drives her partner to a primal state of wanting to the point where she becomes irresistible.   



That’s it for today everyone. Stay tuned for next week’s episode where I bring back my online dating connoisseur to tell us about a few of her more surprising moments, one of them having to do with an anal play fetish. See ya next time.


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