Episode 16: Sex & Dating With a Disability

Welcome to Episode 16 of F*ck Like a Woman. On today’s show, I talk candidly and openly with a man who became paralyzed from a car accident, leaving him in a wheelchair, and how it’s reconstructed his sex life.


Today’s conversation is an important one, because seeing sex through another person’s eyes is vital to our expansion of human development. And not only that, it’s important to stop and remember that desire stems from the mind and eroticism from pleasuring the senses, which is why we mustn’t assume that a person living with a disability or a health condition of some kind isn’t interested in sex or in pleasure. Abled people forget or assume that people with disabilities or health conditions aren’t having sex. Now, the parameters and circumstances will differ per person and of course they also have their own levels of sexual interest that are unique to them as an individual, but overall, they can and are, having 3somes, fuck buddies, and whatever else abled people are doing. Don’t forget that sex isn’t defined by penetration – there are a dozen different ways you can have sex without a penis being inserted into a vagina or anus. And within the span of people with disabilities, you will see that they’re also interested in playing with sexual fantasies, fetishes, kink, or alternative lifestyles. But perhaps most importantly above all else, is that everyone needs to be touched, to be held, to be embraced by another human being. Human connection through physical touch is a vital part to our existence and to our mental and psychological health.


These are some of the talking points from the show:

  • What was his first time with sex like after the accident and how it’s changed how he looks at sex
  • How he navigates dating and meeting people
  • Thoughts on porn and how people with disabilities are depicted in porn
  • Thoughts on people with disabilities being sexual people, busting some misconceptions


I hope that today’s show opened your eyes a little bit more to see another side of the human experience, and to give some context to how another person lives out their sexuality in their unique circumstances. Feel free to leave a comment on my page or share the episode with a friend. See ya next time.

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