EPISODE 49: Summary of Sessions Live 2019 – Finding Eros | with Devon Evans & Tasha Jackson (Pt 2/2)

Let’s talk about erotic blocks, why sexual fantasies are healthy, and the benefits of porn. Tasha and I continue our conversation of summarizing the key takeaways from Esther Perel’s Sessions Live 2019 on ‘In Search of Eros: A multidisciplinary approach to love, lust, and commitment’.

We talk about:

– how to get over heartbreak & what questions to ask yourself to squeeze as much growth out of a breakup as you can

– being naked versus being nude – how to open up a dialogue with yourself or your partner about what you like erotically & why sexual fantasies are healthy

– what are the upsides to porn, why is it so appealing to men in particular, and how can we be responsible in our consumption of it

CO-HOST: Tasha Jackson, MA, MFT, Psychotherapist and Author of Master Dater. Find us at devonevans.com and tashajackson.com.

Resources we mentioned in the video:

*Esther Perel www.estherperel.com

10 Sexual Conversation Starters from Esther:

1. When you think of sex, what comes to mind? (Jot down any words, images, and associations you can think of). 2. What does sex mean to you? 3. What is important to know about you sexually? 4. What aspects of your sexual life do you value and would you like to keep? To hold on to? 5. What aspects of your sexual life would you still like to experience? 6. Think of your most intense (best) sexual experience, has it happened or is it still to come? 7. When do you feel most erotic? 8. When do you feel most free in your relationship? 9. Is there something sexual you long for? 10. What’s a sexual dilemma for you?

*Erika Lust www.erikalust.com *Erika’s blog offering tools to parents wanting to educate their kids about porn: http://thepornconversation.org/?utm_source=erikalust.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=footer

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