“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.” Oprah Winfrey

I’m Devon, a relationship coach who specializes in building relational intelligence.

I help people discover their truth, create their reality, and ask for what they want.

Life coaching is all about growth and development, but most importantly it’s about enjoying the ride and finding joy in the journey.

A great life coach can help you find the fulfillment in your life that you’ve been looking for, whether personal or professional, by helping you tap into your own internal guidance and mental potential.

Life coaches focus on your present and future capabilities, not the past, by providing tools and techniques to shift your focus and thoughts in extremely powerful ways, by keeping you accountable to your goals with regular check-ins, and by inspiring and motivating you to do more – to go BIG.

And believe me, this is not the kind of coaching support that comes from a one-size-fits-all type of model. What one person needs to make forward progress is not the same as what someone else needs. The key to a great life coach is one who listens with full attention to hear and comprehend, rather than bringing a prefabricated agenda to the table.

The work between you and me is an inspiring and creative process that encourages you to maximize your personal and/or relational potential. It’s designed to assist the creation and development of your goals through tapping into YOUR own internal guidance and wisdom.

I help you develop and carry out a strategy and plan to achieve your goals.

The purpose of a coach is not to provide answers or tell you as the client what to do. Having someone simply dishing out advice doesn’t serve you in the long run. You can’t become self-sufficient if you don’t learn how to trust your own guidance and strengthen your own voice.

As your coach, I will use questions, observations, conceptual frameworks, and direct communication to support you in deepening your self-discovery, continued learning, and forward your progress toward your goals.

Coaching can be challenging and incredibly rewarding, but only you can put in the effort and practice to make the changes stick. The effort is well worth it in the end, and most importantly it can move you to a place of finding immediate relief and hope in the present. 

Let’s talk!

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“Devon is one of the most passionate people I know. I was able to follow her and see some of her transition into the coaching world and it was amazing. She grasps ideas and can help others understand them and see the benefits of thoughts, ideas and the benefits of change. We were instant friends and I believe she can connect with anyone on so many different levels. Reach out to Devon and get to know her. Your life will be blessed greatly! Continue to do good, Devon!”

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“I highly recommend Devon as a life coach. She is absolutely amazing. What is amazing about Devon’s coaching is that she specifically explained her role as a coach, which was not to give me advice, but to guide me within to find the answers I was seeking. It felt great having a guide which empowered me to move forward. As a coach, she provided me resources; books to read, CD’s to listen to, exercises to complete which were ideal for me. Wherever you are right now in your life, she will meet you there and guide you where you want to go.”